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As a single Mother of three who grew up being made fun of for being the fat girl in school, I understand the challenges we experience as moms trying to balance family & fitness, especially if you have to work to support your family.

In my path from Fat to Fit during motherhood, I have learned to make it work, and so NitasWorld was created to be a place where we can share Family-First Fitness tools that are effective for everyone, starting with Fit Moms.

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March 18, 2015

Neuro-Nutrition and Hormones

Food and workouts are not just about aesthetics! And it’s not just about your heart, blood pressure, or cholesterol anymore!!

Any men or women out there dealing with a loss of short term memory capabilities, sudden personality changes, or short temperaments, erectile dysfunction, or loss of libido, your food could be the cause, or at least a good portion of it. It’s obvious that testosterone levels drop with age in people (yes, we ALL, BOTH GENDERS manufacture testosterone). But there’s even more to that story than what meets the eye. You see it’s our food, our workouts (or lack thereof), and our supplementation choices that are killing or at the least, slowing us down, physically and mentally. What does all of this have to do with your testosterone levels? Well, where do you think the control centers for our hormone manufacturing is seated? Yep, EVERYTHING originates in the brain.

There are four things you can do to support your brain function:

1) Pull Gluten from your diet and skincare COMPLETELY.

Although only about 30% of our society is gluten-intolerant by virtue of Celiac’s Disease, 100% of us are neurologically affected by gluten in getting into our bloodstream and digestive tract. Gluten produces inflammatory free-radicals that attack the brain, with or without the presence of Celiac’s. ALL ISSUES IN THE BRAIN (and every other part of us) ORIGINATE WITH INFLAMMATION. Thus, leading into degenerative activity in our neural nets and different compartments in the brain. The conclusion is that food, cosmetics, lotions, and hair care ALL lead to more gambles against our own states of mind. The gambles play on the side of dementia, Alzeimer’s, scoliosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Autism, A.D.D., and other cognitive diagnosis. The hippocampus, wherein our short-term memory functions occur, is also damaged with usage of gluten, as it crosses the blood-brain barrier, and results in short-term memory loss, and even mood swings.

2) Go lower carb, higher fats, greens and proteins.

Your brain is made of over 70% fat, it needs fat to stay strong. Nuts, avocados, fatty fish, olive, red palm, and coconut oils, are great fats. Proteins like eggs, whey, fish, meats, and poultry are amazing. (Soy is one of the most processed proteins, and typically contains gluten, which is why all my vegan clients who pull soy from their diets toxic excess weight immediately after pulling it from their diets.)
Tons of greens is advisable, and just for the record, I eat my greens raw with trailmixes of nuts and seeds with Bragg’s Olive Oil based dressings. If you are eating carbs, limit yourself to consuming not more than 15-25 grams per meal, and do not eat carbs every single meal, especially at night.

3) Supplement your food with GLUTEN-FREE everything, and increase brain-strengthening supplements in your daily regimen.

I buy most of my supplements at my own website
I would recommend our FullMega Fish Oils due to their cognitive strengthening DHA
You can also increase your daily doses of ALA, Tumeric Capsules, probiotics, and Vitamin D₃ & E

4) Increase and diversify your activity levels, your brain never stops learning if you are constantly challenging the body. With every physical challenge we conquer, we are actually learning something.

First off, weight-training is paramount, as muscle is good for all of us for so many reasons. (Increase in muscular usage with resistance training also increases our testosterone if we are consuming enough protein to feed that muscle.) I would suggest that you add in some cardio- either outdoors hiking/running/cycling or indoors eliptical/running/bike (all moderate-high intensity) or even a couple of cardio/weight group training classes. Martial arts like jiu-jitsu or capoeira or dance classes would be highly recommended and stretching sessions or a yoga class every few days is also recommended as well. All of this combined can enhance your neuropathway capability/strength, and support neurogenesis, which is the birth of new brain cells. However, when those cells are born, they need to connect, so there needs to be ongoing cardio and breathing practices, and the learning of new skills such as martial arts or dance will challenge and thereby grow new neural nets among those new cells for continuous connection.

In other words, you are giving birth to baby brain cells. Babies are born many at once, but none can operate alone. Old cells have to “raise” them. So we use our old known functions, like walking and lifting and other mobilities (usage of old cells/neural nets) to do new things (new cells), and as new cells get stimulated by old cellular neural nets, your brain capability (neuroplasticity) is being stimulated and strengthened. In this way, we stifle (or at least counter) the neuro-degeneration of our brain capacity.

I am a fitness/lifestyle trainer and nutritionist. Email me directly with inquiries or for other support:

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February 25, 2015

Study Verifies Weightlifting can Help Cognition

In 2007, The American College of Sports Medicine published a study based on one control group and two resistance training groups. The control group exercised only once weekly for one hour, with mild intensity and low repetitions combined with stretching. Meanwhile, the two resistance training groups only varied in their intensity, going three times weekly and for one hour each time.

The purpose of the study was to observe #cognitive functionality in the two more frequent, higher intensity resistance training groups versus the control group, which performed lower frequency non-resistance training. After tests were performed, data was plugged in. The scientists verified there was an increase of psychology and cognitive function in the two groups working out three times weekly with resistance training at varied levels of intensity. However, the group that only exercised once weekly showed no cognitive improvement whatsoever, and psychologically they were consistently lower in performance (more prone to depression). The fact of the matter is that We Will Age. No one can ever run from that. How rapidly we age is entirely up to us as the power lays in our hands, since a great deal of it will happen as a result of our lifestyle choices with exercise & nutrition… Additionally, if we are to live long, the only real way to feel alive is to be aware and that comes through the strength and functional capacity of our brain.

The obvious choice is to exercise regularly with some level of intensity and resistance and aerobic training, along with stretching to keep the muscles and bloodflow optimal within our bodies. This will help us live longer more functionally aware lives.

Of course, we would also benefit cognitively and longevity-wise should we choose to live in a way that does not generate illness in our body through negative psychological impacts (such as lacking integrity or kindness to ourselves or others). Good conscious living in this way will support health to our cells, muscles and brain as well.

We have to smile and enjoy life, while also doing so without taking advantage of the gift of life. Play hard and Play strong, but Play nice.




*Note: There was no observation made in the BMI, only in the strength levels and cognitive function and psychology.

-Nita Lee Marquez, Author, Trainer & Nutritionist

Specializing in:

Neuro Nutrition (prevention and support for disorders of cognitive function such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Autism, A.D.D.)


Blood Pressure

Gastric Bypass

Strength Gains

Fat Loss

Contest Prep



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February 22, 2015

An Honest Peace poem by Nita Lee Marquez

You’ll never know how many nights she cried herself to sleep
Wishing that she’d just wake up to find it was all a dream
Wishing that her baby girls were not part of something broken
Wishing that her baby boy could hear his dad’s love spoken
Wishing that she was able to still remain his queen
Wishing that he only knew how to remain a king
Wishing that the luxuries had not turned into lust
Wishing that the man she knew had not broken her trust
But when the last tormented sleepless night occurred
Something happened in those tears that left her reassured
Something shared Itself with her as she cried out loud to God
That something lit a higher path where destiny applauds
A focus on a brighter point that all the pain was for
Showed her visions of herself becoming so much more
Each step she took her life evolved, and her children grew in strength
She taught them sheer tenacity in her persistent lengths
She taught them love with what she stood for in all the little choices
In her courage that they witnessed, they learned to use their voices
Something in her came to life as she felt The Truth unveiled
She discovered who she was meant to be in the hardship that she scaled
There is no way for us to see what we are destined for
Until we leave complacency to stand for something more
We cannot find our truth in comfort though comfort is in Our Truth
The challenges will blossom us when the pains are put to use
So if you are the one who hurts, whether the abandoned or abused
Face the pain with stoicism and let the lessons be your muse
The ones who suffer are not meant to suffer
as the victims
They are the Chosen Ones who were sent to teach by their convictions
Taking on the challenges and knocking down the walls
Is the only way to Honest Peace in your Destiny that calls
-poetry by Nita Lee Marquez, 1:43am, 2/14/15
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February 21, 2015

He was not For the Greatness in Me Poem

It felt good, something like magic.

We lived in a routine of hopeful habit.
We feasted in our egos,
and had passion in our lust…
Yet in our heightened roles,
I just could not seem to trust.
Still day in and out
our laughter carried on
Smiles and styles
of a loving nature’s song

When he touched me, I felt bliss
Though it never felt quite right
I felt a rush in every kiss
And we fucked right into flight
A flight from all the misery
Of past pains gone awry
I felt his heart in every beat
A feeling undenied
Smashing down the unresolved
Repression of the fear
We felt each other’s soul revolve
And cried each other’s tears
It was a souled connection
Absolutely real
Seeking out protection
We both wanted to feel
We pushed into excitement
Enlightened by a faith
Hoping to find happiness
But our love became a race
Racing into a destiny
That could not quite fulfill
No matter what we gave to this
The power was not real
The joy we felt was not in peace
No truth remained at night
When I would lay my head to sleep
My hopes became a fight
Something in me battled deep
This path was not contrite
I longed for my integrity
That Purpose could ignite
The push and pull seemed too much
To keep panting for completion
I stopped feeling safety in his touch
Demise became deletion
Breaking down reality
Thinking I was wrong
The pains became monotony
They failed to make us strong
A struggled understanding
Of what we were standing for
There wasn’t a remanding
Of an honesty’s rapport
Yes we still had something decent
But we failed to live Life’s Mission
We looked at truth in pieces
Yet still lived without contrition
Knowing I was failing life
And all I was meant to be
My heart began to feel the strife
In what our love just couldn’t see
I knew that there was love in him
And love we had could shine
But the love we had was crashing in
We were running out of time
Ticking tantrums in the hours
Toxic lies were making showers
As acidic love devoured
I was feeling disempowered
As much as We tried
I just could not remain
Living honored lies
Was causing too much pain
I was lying to myself
About my destiny
All the glory that we felt
Was not the best in me
This bond just fed my ego
But it did not feed My Soul
It warmed my body
But it left my spirit cold
It did not enhance my purpose
Nor did I feel strength’s measure
It did not make me brighter
Even though I felt its pleasure
See, it fed my starving appetite
But it did not Nourish growth
It did not help my inner light
We never made that oath
And even though it hurt
I knew I had to walk away
I could not make my heart convert
To a weaker self-estate
I knew he was too weak
To ever understand
To live this path with me
He would never be that man
When it came right down to it
It was not solid, what we built
No matter how we fought with grit
The heart of matters had been spilt
A brighter soulful stance enriched
Is what we really needed
The only way a real love lasts
Is when Your Purpose has preceded
Promises conveyed to us
Can never match forever
If the thoughts relayed through us
Are built on fleshed endeavors
We can only count eternity
With the one who holds our hand
If we hold the purity
If our highest self’s true stand
-Poetry by Nita Lee Marquez, 9:30am, 2/20/15
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Neural Nutrition – Gluten Free Diet

You know, it’s really amazing to live in an era where being a woman is such a huge and influential role of power. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many battles to be won, but as a mother of two girls and a son, I feel very excited to be able to hand my girls the same baton of opportunity that my son will get as an adult.
This is one thing I really appreciate about 1stphorm as a company – they really strive to enrich, empower and support the strength of women just as much as they do men… They have given me and other women in the fitness world a great opportunity in the way they push us through their media both as physically fit individuals, as well as powerful role models for strength in every facet of the word.
I also love and am proud that every single product we sell (with the exception of our ice cream sandwich & our chocolate-peanut butter protein) are gluten-free sports supplement products! This is huge because as you all know I am really into neural nutrition (aka “neuronutrition” ), which is all about nutrition that stimulates & supports cognition through its effects on the brain. Gluten is an anti-brain property whether you are gluten tolerant or not. The way gluten causes opiate receptor site activity has incredibly horrific effects on the brain as it literally kills brain cells in a similar fashion to drug use, and in fact its opiate receptor site impact has been likened to that of heroine use. Gluten has been linked to numerous neurological diseases such as Alzheimers, dementia, and even autism … Likewise and proportionately opposite, avoiding gluten and managing effective carbohydrate strategies through balance with proteins and fats can also stimulate neuroplasticity – which can help generate new brain cells as well as new neural nets. Neural nets are just a scientific way of saying thought processes.
so, be strong women, or be raising a strong woman, or be supporting a strong woman!! And stay clean in your body and strong in mind by keeping the brain clean of gluten.

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January 25, 2015

Neuro-Nutrition Article #2 by Nita Marquez

There is more to blood sugar spikes than fat storage or generating the anabolic hormone insulin. Did you know that spiking your blood sugar suppresses the mood regulating neurotransmitters like epinephrine, dopamine, gabba, and serotonin?

Yes, when we spike our blood sugar extremely, multiple times throughout the day, and repeatedly over the years, we all know that we are toying with our aesthetics, our risk for diabetes, and our hearts (the higher our propensity to storing fat, the higher our chances for heart disease, and excessively spiking blood sugars causes fat storage.)

In addition to this, we are also affecting our brain. Carbohydrate-rich (even fruits) diets are the impetus to this issue. As we spike our blood sugars repeatedly, we are suppressing mood regulatory neurotransmitters (chemicals produced in the brain), and literally, we are causing unhappiness. As we repeat this process, we also send neuropeptides (also chemicals produced in the brain) that enter our body’s cells to carry messages of unhappiness.

Though we may not feel the effects initially, over time, it can lead our cells to become literally “addicted” to the feeling of unhappiness without our conscious minds realizing it. As the cells learn to function with repeated messages like this being emoted from the neurotransmitters, they grow reliant on the feeling because it has become a part of their process of operation. So the second we try to alleviate the feeling of unhappiness once its collectively too high for our conscious mind to ignore, the affected cells become stifled, because they can no longer fully operate without that chemical emotionalization (unhappiness). Thus they work to signal back to our brain to please give them the fix (blood sugar spike) that leads to the chemical release they are used to (the emotion of unhappiness). It’s literally a chemical addiction.

Top it off with the fact that all signals are being sent from the brain through the central nervous system (in the spine) to the cells in the body. So what happens to the nerves as they fire up with the unhealthy chemical reaction? The sheathings on the nerve endings are eroded due to wear and tear from toxicity during the firing up process, and they wear out more rapidly, burning out younger, thus degenerating our cognitive abilities, which ultimately lowers our aptitude and can even cause a higher propensity to neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and much much more.

For more specific information on NeuroNutrition, contest prep, and online coaching, feel free to reach out for support.
Blogs: and more




–Nita Lee Marquez, IFBB PRO, Nutritionist, Trainer, Author, and FitMom

Nita Marquez, IFBB PRO & Author/Fitness Expert/Neural Nutritionist

Nita Marquez, IFBB PRO & Author/Fitness Expert/Neural Nutritionist

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December 15, 2014

3 Holiday Tips for Staying Trim from

During the holidays, it is too easy to get carried away eating! Looking for an easy diet tip?  Since the holidays get so busy with obligations for shopping, planning and parties, who has time for anything but simplicity?  As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I am a firm believer that sticking to simple reasoning when starting out makes it much easier to form healthy habits. Something that has helped me for years to avoid stuffing myself on the holiday feast foods is to stay incredibly hydrated.

1)When we are dehydrated, we tend to experience the illusion of more hunger, so our appetites can become more ravenous in a dehydrated state. Drinking a lot of water helps you feel satisfied, so that you will not be as likely to stuff yourself.

2)If you stay hydrated, you will curb some of your sugar cravings as well.  We all know that at this time of year, eliminating those fattening sugar cravings is extremely important for keeping our figures. Desserts are everywhere FOR FREE!

3) If you fill up on 1 whole liter of water before you eat, you’re likely to give your mind the illusion that you are already more full because you “stuffed” yourself on water, which is healthy and calorie-free! Try this before entering any feast and see how well it works for you! I have done it for years, and it’s been my little calorie-saving trick for staying fit during the holidays every year for the past 15 years of holiday season feasts!

Happy Holidays are upon us all, and it is a festive time of year!  Enjoy yourself and stay empowered through fitness! BE PHENOMENAL!!! You are Worth the Work!

-Nita Lee Marquez

For Fitness Supplements for fatburning or building lean muscle, check out my supplement website:

For Great Reads, fitness tools, and more, shop here at the store

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September 22, 2014

Anti-Aging: I Found the Fountain of Youth in my Kitchen!

egg-yolk anti-aging mask results

egg-yolk anti-aging mask results

Natural skincare has been around since the dawn of physical beauty in our culture, and yet, I am just recently learning more about it.  There are many methods to keeping the skin fit and firm yet supple.  One easy home care resource for anti-aging is to drink plenty of water. In other articles here at I am pushing hydration constantly.  It’s vital to our health and even more vital to retaining our youth.  Lubrication, energy enhancement, metabolic stimulation, organ fuel, and overall molecular maintenance are all provided the body by water.

Water is a more obvious anti-aging tool, and most people understand its benefits.  Dietary intake of anti-inflammatory, alkaline and enzymatic foods are also necessary to thwarting age through their provision and stimulation of antioxidants, as well as hormonal stimulation that supports cellular rejuvenation.   Guess what else I found out about keeping my skin young as I have been hunting for the fountain of youth to partake of and share with my friends? Since I eat egg whites and I end up having to waste the yolks 3/4 of the time because I don’t always use them, I was looking for alternatives to throwing the nutrient-rich fatty yellow substance away.

It turns out, I can use them with bananas and/or avocados for an anti-aging face mask. So I tried it and I took some pictures just after waking up to share with you what my skin was glowing like.  I was amazed at my results! Once every week or two, I use organic, cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil to moisturize my skin before bed.  Every other day and night, I use raw coconut oil.


1/2 banana

1 avocado

1 egg yolk

1 fork

1 bowl


1) in a bowl, use a fork to mash avocado and banana into a pudding like consistency

2) blend pudding with  beaten egg yolk until consistency is smooth

3) with clean hands, spread mask onto clean skin, neck and chest

4) allow mask to sit (read or meditate or watch tv, but don’t talk) as mask dries

5) after about 30 minutes, gently and patiently rinse off with warm water.

6) slap face gently but firmly enough to create warmth and circulation to dry (no towels).

7) use olive or coconut oil to moisturize face, neck and throat, and then rest well to wake up to a beautiful glow!

I hope this article was helpful in your discovery of natural and economical anti-aging options!

Be Well. Be Phenomenal. You are Worth the Work!

-Nita Lee Marquez


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June 8, 2014

Nita Marquez Unedited

Nita Marquez is a 2-time Miss Fitness Arizona, National Fitness Champion, Published Author, Speaker, TV Fitness Personality, and IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor.

Nita Marquez Unedited

Nita Marquez Unedited
by Nita Marquez, June 8th, 5:57 a.m.

The word “Transformational” is so cliche these days
At the same time it encompasses our wisdom’s great waves
Its impacts cast light on the souls that it saves
And in seconds, it puts our mislead demons in graves

There is not as much failure as there is the chance
For us to transform our mistakes through a stance
No unveiled truth could remain in the dark
When we resolve to improve ourselves in new starts

When commitment and clarity convene in our favor
Our persistent sincerity will be what we savor
Savor and surrender in all of life’s lessons
Each moment is new to experience Presence

In the face of the cunning, see your own powers
Find peace within Self to dissolve what devours
Delight in acceptance to find your own strengths
You can transcend the pain with spirit’s instincts

Listen to nature, it will be humming in silence
Let it calm all of your past voices’ violence
Let in the rain, surrender to the storms
Flow with this life’s intention that warms

It is painfully known, yet so fully ignored
That only within ourselves can faith be restored
Yet we look to our vices to hide and repress
We live in denial as our souls are oppressed

There is not a person or love that’s outside
Nor lust or enragement that makes it subside
In order to restore our purity’s peace
False shelters we sink into must be released

Be still and be real to be Present to God
Own your whole life so you can move on
Let the past be the mask of parading that falls
Let the future be a possibility that life calls

Nothing is as powerful as Your Powerful Now
Where you only create from integrity’s vow
Seek in that power of possibility’s truth
Be honest in knowing your vice’s real use

Be bigger than the problems they are all just illusion
Designed in the Process by our own will’s confusion
Trust in the stillness that casts your new view
It drops all the pains and excuses to help us renew

In your renewal, shed brightness on all others
No need to fear darkness in light that discovers
Here in the pureness of this moment’s chance
You will find your life’s rhythm and finally dance





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August 23, 2013

How to Burn more Fat

“Fat burning” is something we hear and read about all the time, as we see the phrase sell magazines, products, workouts, but when it’s not used as a sales pitch, what the heck is it and how does one actually do it?  I thought at one point (many years back) that fat burning meant to do cardio or even do aerobics classes (which, for years, I have personally loathed).  At the age of 40-plus, I am noticing my body is still capable of doing this fat burning thing, and I am helping men and women in my age range stimulate the loss of fat naturally- without the use of thermogenics, stacks, etc.  While I don’t dispute the usage of the aforementioned methods, I still learn more and more each day about what we can do without them.  There is still this thing called working out with balance and eating well that still burns fat, despite our years of working to find altermative solutions.  I’m not here to sell any products, I just wanted to write a good old fashioned fat-burning techniques article.

ways to burn fat1. SPRINTING-  If you are an avid runner you probably know this already, but sprinting is better for fatburning than distance running.  While the running may burn calories for a long workout due to longer endurance we may sustain during a long run, sprinting can actually burn fat for longer time spans after the workout is over.  The explosive movement of sprinting creates the impact on the fast-twitch fibers, which are responsible for the extremely conditioned and lean look of a sprinter’s or gymnast’s legs versus the softer, smoother, bulky look of most distance runners. Also, the sprints increase the body’s propensity to manufacture GH (growth hormone), which does slow in production with age.  GH increases the youthfulness of our skintone and ability to burn fat.  (click here for more details on this)



Nita MARQUEZ fit mom2. WEIGHTLIFTING- If you have seen a picture of a man or woman who lifts weights (without steroids) for years into their life, you will recall that they tend to look younger, with better tone, energetic presence.  There is a supple look to their physiques, and well, that is in part due to the weightlifting.  Once again, as with sprinting, weightlifting will stimulate hormone production that aids with fat burning and anti-aging.  It boosts collagen that will also help with the tightness of the skin- something that will tend to decrease with age if left unattended to.  Also, for every pound of muscle you have on your body, the metabolism burns at least 15 extra calories in a 24-hour resting period, but really, who cares?!?  The result of muscle gain in the increase to resting metabolism, is not so important.  The purpose of muscle gain is about the hormone release, for it is the lack of hormones that often causes fat gain, and an inability to lose fat.  Weightlifting helps support the effort of leveling out the hormones effectively to increase fat burning, and to continuously sustain a tight, lean, fat-burning physique.


Nita Marquez Fit Mom3. PLYOMETRICS- There are so many different types out there! Upper body, lower body, compound plyo exercises (meaning they work multiple muscle groups at once) are all great! The key to getting the fat burning going, once again, is in the explosive exercise to the muscles, which will aid in hormone production to stimulate fat-burning and a conditioned, sleek physique. Add to the fact that the dynamic bonus is the endorphine rush (the brain’s “happy chemical” release) that you get from aerobics classes, dancing, moderate or high intensity cardio, and other aerobic activities (I said I loathed aerobics, I didn’t say they possess no benefits).



Nita Marquez Fit Mom4- PUSH-UPS, PULL-UPS- (click here for instructionals) Again, you want to make more muscle to help burn fat, getting stronger with these exercises can help increase musculature, which increases your metabolism through the hormone release. The more muscle you have, the more fat your body is capable of burning in general.  This doesn’t mean that you can be muscular and always stay lean.  There are other factors that work in combination with having lean muscle on your physique.  This brings us to the next item on the list…



DSC_24825- FOOD INTAKE-  Eating “clean” is the number one way to assure fat loss. I have done nutrition plans for people who refused to workout, but they still lost significant weight!  What you eat will determine 80% of your success in burning off fat from your body.  What do you eat?  Well, I recommend foods that stimulate balance in hormone release, with a staple of proteins at each meal, combined with low-glycemic carbs, unsaturated fats, some berries, and tons of veggies.  It’s not only about the calories in the foods, it’s about the qualities in the foods!  Read up on things, as well as staying aware of your body’s response to certain foods.  For instance, if you  know that something bloats you or adds extreme water-weight or makes you sluggish for the next 48 hours, then look into alternatives for that type of food.  Steer clear of processed or fast foods, so you can avoid high sodium and preservative garbage, which will inevitably make you bloat, toxic, gassy, and give you ugly skin if done repetitively over time.

Nita Marquez educates on hydration

Water- It does a body good!

6- WATER-  There are so many reasons to drink water (click here or here for details on why), but, for fatburning purposes, water just aids in all processes- including metabolism.  Just do it.  I have a 1.5 liter bottle that I fill up 3-4 times per day, and I’m 4’11 at 106 pounds.  Do you have to drink a minimum? Yes, the idea is to drink 1oz per pound of bodyweight, but I don’t think that’s all you should drink, especially if you’re active.  Also water may help you feel full enough not to want any of the garbage that’s in the breakroom while you’re at work :) And if nothing else, you will burn fat getting up and down to go back and forth to the restroom!


For the avid enthusiast, I would suggest looking into carb cycling as a way to burn that last little bit off.  It’s important that you work on a carb cycle with a professional who is familiar with this type of dieting for fat loss, as I do not recommend this for the average person to do on their own.

Really, these are my suggested keys for fat burning, because this is what I know, through tried and true testing on myself and others for many years. Get after it now, because you know you can, and you know you want it!  Burn baby, burn!

Be safe, Be Well, Be You, Be PHENOMENAL! You are Worth the Work!

Fit Mom

-Nita Lee Marquez

Creator of America’s Hottest Fit Mom/Fitness Empowerment Author/IFBB Fitness Pro & National Champion/Fit Mom of 3

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