Nita Marquez is a Pro-Athlete, celebrity trainer, nutritionist, author, on-camera personality, motivational speaker, and owner of ‘America’s Hottest Fit Mom™’, LLC.  The Latin beauty is nationally known as the first Hispanic Female Fitness Champion and health and wellness expert.

The infectiously energetic Latina mother of three has built a successful “Healthy Brain, Body, and Beauty” brand with a dedicated clientele and fan base who strive for optimal health and fitness in their over-scheduled lives. Nita understands the modern-day challenges of achieving balance and focuses on empowering her clients through fitness training, neuro-nutrition, and motivational speaking. Her offerings include: motivational lectures, one-on-one physical training, nutritional counseling, and bikini and bodybuilding competition instruction. She loves nothing more than empowering and inspiring people through her health and fitness work. Nita is especially passionate about eradicating the obesity crisis within the Hispanic community through proper physical and nutritional education.

During her fifteen-year career as a professional fitness athlete, Nita Marquez collected an impressive list of awards and achievements.  Among them, she’s won Miss Fitness Arizona twice, in 1999 and in 2001, and was declared the winner of the 2008 Miss National Fitness Competition by the United States National Physique Committee (NPC).  Nita earned her pro-card in the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness) in 2008 as well. She completed her career as an international Top 10 athlete, when she did a final showing as an IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor at the Europa Pro Show in 2014.

Strength is often born out of adversity and Nita has had to overcome severe hardships to become the healthy woman she is today. Born to a teenaged single mother who later became addicted to crack-cocaine, her childhood was extremely unstable and traumatizing.  Nita was emotionally, physically,  and sexually abused through much of her youth.  As a young girl, she moved among multiple cities and schools, and she was often teased for her weight and small stature (she stands under 5 feet).  Being bullied, she was called “low-fat” during much of her tween years. The teasing added pressure to her chaotic home life and she developed an eating disorder, succumbed to a major depression, and ended up hospitalized in her teens. Longing for a better life she discovered her own personal empowerment through fitness and was transformed forever.  Nita is dedicated and passionate about helping others through transformational instruction, motivation, and training that leads to empowered living.

Marquez has appeared on several television outlets including:  FOX SPORTS NET, The Travel Channel, FOX 10 News, KTVK-Channel 3 in Phoenix, the “Arizona Midday Show” on the NBC affiliate, and the National Physique Committee Championship on PAY PER VIEW.   She has been profiled in over 400 print/web features including: Iron Man Magazine, Muscular Development Magazine, Flexonline.com, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, NPC News Magazine, Sweat Magazine, New Times Magazine, A2Z Magazine, DailyMotion.com, and Bodybuilding.com.

Marquez is also an author, having contributed to writer J.D. Johannes’ “Fit for Combat: When Fitness is a Matter of Life or Death” released in 2009, and has penned two of her own new books; “The Fitness Turnaround: From Fat Girl to Fit Mom” and “Decade of Determination: Why It was Worth it to Go Pro”, both scheduled for release in 2015. She also publishes a weekly blog on her website http://www.nitasworld.com.

Nita is a seasoned public speaker and lectures on  a variety of topics from overcoming personal obstacles, to inspiring talks for troubled youth, to lifestyle practices that result in a strong mind, body, and beauty.   She has given speeches for the U.S. National Guard, The Boys and Girls Club of America, and the Los Angeles and Phoenix Unified School Districts.

“My passion is to inform, advise, instruct, and motivate people in overall brain, body, and beauty fitness because I believe in every single person’s right to manifest their own individual greatness,” said Nita.  “Having overcome the odds myself through sheer determination, commitment, and body building training, I strive to effectively lead individuals in discovering their own hidden strengths. My motto is ‘Be Well, Be You, BE PHENOMENAL!’ You are worth the work!”

Besides spending time with her children, Nita enjoys writing poetry and has been practicing fluent Spanish for two years.  She also gives back to her community  by providing free coaching to troubled youth and single mothers to help them overcome  personal obstacles to live their best lives. She is also the founder of  ‘Women Empowering Each Other’ (WEE Inc.) a nonprofit that champions continued education for single mothers through a scholarship fund.  Nita currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, with her three children: Bricia, Acacia, and Quinn.

Link to Nita Marquez video highlight reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L46ZNYb0HY4&feature=em-upload_owner

For appearances and bookings contact: FitNita@hotmail.com

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Decade of Determination: Why It was Worth it to Go Pro(2015 Release)
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