• 2016 Marquez Worldwide partners with New Economics for Women helping support single mothers
  • 2015 Founded Marquez Worldwide, Inc.
  • 2015 Published Author of The Fitness Turnaround
  • 2014 Retirement from IFBB Fitness Competitions
  • 2014 Nomination for Latina Leadership Award from National Latin Business Women’s Association
  • 2011 Founded OnTheMarq, a women’s wellness brand, creating and distributing wellness products such as supplements and clothing and workout accessories
  • 2011 Founder/Owner: America’s Hottest Fit Mom, LLC. AHFM is an enterprise founded for the purposes of entertainment & education pertaining to being exactly as it states, a hot, fit, mom. AHFM fits the interest of women and families who celebrate the continuously shifting paradigm of motherhood in our society, where today’s mother has become the powerhouse in business, the protector, the nurturer, and often the breadwinner.
  • 2010 Contributing Author “Single Moms Can Prosper”
  • 2009 Ranked 7th in performance out of 46 countries for the Women’s World Fitness Championships
  • 2008 Co-Author Fit for Combat (co-Authored by JD Johannes) The Fit for Combat System is a book for men and women of all fitness levels which teaches the reader the basics of exercise and nutrition for fat loss and/or development of muscle. From novice fitness enthusiasts to pro athletes, the book has been touted as “incredible data that even some pro’s don’t know” by owner Terry Goodlad, and other similar praises from Carl Lanore producer/host of Super Human Radio. A must-read for all fitness enthusiasts looking for a simple but effective fitness goal solution.
  • 2008 NPC National Fitness Champion
  • 2007 Contributing Author “Making it in High Heels”
  • 2003: Founder of Nita’s Fitness Directives. The website video instructionals are fitness videos for trainers and clients to use for virtual training. Developed to be a free platform for people to learn about getting lean safely with the use of quick & easy recipes, training videos, and educational blogs on exercise, nutrition & supplements.
  • 1999* & 2001** Arizona State Fitness Champion
  • 1999 Owner NITA, inc. (New Insights for Training Acheivers, inc.) Nita, inc. is a personal training business designed to educate and empower people in their daily lives through accomplishment of fitness goals through all forms of training, nutrition and supplementation.

*Divisional ** Overall

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