“Nita is very unique… She really loves the people like family. Their progress is so important to her, and you can tell that she cares about how much they love themselves, and not just about how many reps they can do.” -Debbie, Phoenix


“Nita’s nutrition program helped me lose weight.  Even though I didn’t have time to work out at a gym, her program helped me lose 38 pounds!” -Barry, Phoenix


“Wow! I have never been so motivated!  Nita helped me lose 67 pounds in three months.  I worked for it, but I worked smart, thanks to her!” -Michelle, Phoenix


“My doctor thought his machine was broken and tested me three times in a row because my blood pressure and cholesterol had gotten so good so fast. Thanks to Nita’s training, I am healthy again, and my doctor is not so worried!”  -Nancy, Phoenix


“After my divorce, I felt broken and invisible.  Nita’s funny analogies during my training sessions always gave me more energy. Before I knew it, my body was changing, I was getting thinner, and I felt so much better.  I could run after my children again, and we laughed more than ever!”  -Sharon, Phoenix


“Nita has helped me change my physical appearance as well as my mental attitude – going from a size 18 to a size 10! Nita’s overall positive image and outlook in life have made me appreciate myself more. She lives by the phrase, “Have an attitude of gratitude!” and it has made me grateful for who I am today. In addition, her positive style made me believe that all my goals are attainable… Even with all the ailments I suffer from – pes planus, plantar fascitis and Morton’s neuroma, Nita did not give up on coaching me to one day compete…Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me! -Arlene, Phoenix

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