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March 18, 2015

Neuro-Nutrition and Hormones

Food and workouts are not just about aesthetics! And it’s not just about your heart, blood pressure, or cholesterol anymore!!

Any men or women out there dealing with a loss of short term memory capabilities, sudden personality changes, or short temperaments, erectile dysfunction, or loss of libido, your food could be the cause, or at least a good portion of it. It’s obvious that testosterone levels drop with age in people (yes, we ALL, BOTH GENDERS manufacture testosterone). But there’s even more to that story than what meets the eye. You see it’s our food, our workouts (or lack thereof), and our supplementation choices that are killing or at the least, slowing us down, physically and mentally. What does all of this have to do with your testosterone levels? Well, where do you think the control centers for our hormone manufacturing is seated? Yep, EVERYTHING originates in the brain.

There are four things you can do to support your brain function:

1) Pull Gluten from your diet and skincare COMPLETELY.

Although only about 30% of our society is gluten-intolerant by virtue of Celiac’s Disease, 100% of us are neurologically affected by gluten in getting into our bloodstream and digestive tract. Gluten produces inflammatory free-radicals that attack the brain, with or without the presence of Celiac’s. ALL ISSUES IN THE BRAIN (and every other part of us) ORIGINATE WITH INFLAMMATION. Thus, leading into degenerative activity in our neural nets and different compartments in the brain. The conclusion is that food, cosmetics, lotions, and hair care ALL lead to more gambles against our own states of mind. The gambles play on the side of dementia, Alzeimer’s, scoliosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Autism, A.D.D., and other cognitive diagnosis. The hippocampus, wherein our short-term memory functions occur, is also damaged with usage of gluten, as it crosses the blood-brain barrier, and results in short-term memory loss, and even mood swings.

2) Go lower carb, higher fats, greens and proteins.

Your brain is made of over 70% fat, it needs fat to stay strong. Nuts, avocados, fatty fish, olive, red palm, and coconut oils, are great fats. Proteins like eggs, whey, fish, meats, and poultry are amazing. (Soy is one of the most processed proteins, and typically contains gluten, which is why all my vegan clients who pull soy from their diets toxic excess weight immediately after pulling it from their diets.)
Tons of greens is advisable, and just for the record, I eat my greens raw with trailmixes of nuts and seeds with Bragg’s Olive Oil based dressings. If you are eating carbs, limit yourself to consuming not more than 15-25 grams per meal, and do not eat carbs every single meal, especially at night.

3) Supplement your food with GLUTEN-FREE everything, and increase brain-strengthening supplements in your daily regimen.

I buy most of my supplements at my own website
I would recommend our FullMega Fish Oils due to their cognitive strengthening DHA
You can also increase your daily doses of ALA, Tumeric Capsules, probiotics, and Vitamin D₃ & E

4) Increase and diversify your activity levels, your brain never stops learning if you are constantly challenging the body. With every physical challenge we conquer, we are actually learning something.

First off, weight-training is paramount, as muscle is good for all of us for so many reasons. (Increase in muscular usage with resistance training also increases our testosterone if we are consuming enough protein to feed that muscle.) I would suggest that you add in some cardio- either outdoors hiking/running/cycling or indoors eliptical/running/bike (all moderate-high intensity) or even a couple of cardio/weight group training classes. Martial arts like jiu-jitsu or capoeira or dance classes would be highly recommended and stretching sessions or a yoga class every few days is also recommended as well. All of this combined can enhance your neuropathway capability/strength, and support neurogenesis, which is the birth of new brain cells. However, when those cells are born, they need to connect, so there needs to be ongoing cardio and breathing practices, and the learning of new skills such as martial arts or dance will challenge and thereby grow new neural nets among those new cells for continuous connection.

In other words, you are giving birth to baby brain cells. Babies are born many at once, but none can operate alone. Old cells have to “raise” them. So we use our old known functions, like walking and lifting and other mobilities (usage of old cells/neural nets) to do new things (new cells), and as new cells get stimulated by old cellular neural nets, your brain capability (neuroplasticity) is being stimulated and strengthened. In this way, we stifle (or at least counter) the neuro-degeneration of our brain capacity.

I am a fitness/lifestyle trainer and nutritionist. Email me directly with inquiries or for other support:

March 7, 2013

Nita’s Famous 100’s Workout (“Hundreds Workout”) for the Best Legs in the World!

A lot of people have asked me over the years how to get “legs of steel.”  The fact is NOTHING will shred your legs up like doing these three things:

  1. eating lean (85% of the results you get in the gym come from your food intake- i.e., “diet”)
  2. combined with weight training  for maximum output (going to failure, whether its with a moderate weight- not super light, or a heavy weight for sets of even 8, as long as you are going until you cannot do even one more full rep)
  3. sprinting (HIIT-high intensity interval training- see my other blog for detailed explanations of HIIT by clicking here)

First, you can learn more about lean eating, sprinting and weight training by researching on the internet, or checking out the dieting tips category in the blog (click here).  Of course, we talk a lot about clean eating and sprinting both in my book FIT FOR COMBAT with Nita Marquez, so ordering a copy for yourself to have on hand is not a bad idea for reference’s sake.  It may be helpful for those of you who like hardcopy materials to scribble notes onto.

Nita MarquezFor the purposes of this article, we are talking about the hundreds workout, as I vowed to share my secret to keeping conditioned legs and glutes via spelling out the hundreds workout.  My famous Hundreds workout is what works best for me in maximizing the effects of my leg workouts during all my year-round weight training regimens.  It’s called the Hundreds Workout (you’ll understand why shortly- read on) and I do it once every week, in addition to my regular leg weight workouts. So, that amounts to two workouts for my legs alone on weights each week.  If you’re a beginner, perhaps you should do the Hundreds Workout every other week, in addition to your regular weight training routine for legs.  *Remember, the Hundreds Workout is a CONDITIONING WORKOUT- It is not intended to grow, develop, or reduce leg size. It is meant to condition the detail, for a more sculpted look of your legs that you can’t get through cardio or basic weight training for maximum output.


*Nita Marquez Hundreds Workout:

25 Leg Extensions x 4

25 Leg Curls x 4

25 Hip Abductors x 4

25 Hip Adductors x 4

25 Squats x 4

25 Calf Raises x 4

Do a moderate weight that you don’t have to reduce throughout the workout, so that you can complete the whole set without a “drop-set” style of training.  Yet you want it to be heavy enough so that you can still feel it burning excessively by the 15th rep, making it difficult to finish the last ten reps of each set.

That’s it. By the time you’re done with my Hundreds Workout, you should feel exhausted, and ready to hit the jacuzzi, which won’t be a bad idea. The hot water and jets can be helpful to loosen up the muscles after this massive thrashing & conditioning workout you’ve just done.  Always remember to have a fast-assimilating protein after your workout! If you’re unsure of what to buy, check out the store here to see some protein shakes I recommend.  Of course you can always research online, too, checking out blogs & threads at

Best of luck leaning out those legs, friends & fit moms! Be Well, Be You, BE PHENOMENAL! You are Worth the Work!

-Nita Lee Marquez    facebook    twitter    pinterest

Nita Lee Marquez Fit Mom Knows Best

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July 9, 2012

Cellulite- The Real Solutions

Believe it or not, cellulite is not a result of just being fat or flabby.  Cellulite is a major stress to most women, because we are the only ones who really get cellulite.  The dimply, loose, cottage cheese appearance of those areas of cellulite are not even caused just by age.

The reality is that cellulite is a result of the bands of connective tissue in a woman’s body running in a different direction than our skin.  By nature that skin can stretch, disconnect and collect fat more readily than a man’s body.  Some people think it’s a matter of the nature of things, and that maybe God himself made us to collect fat more easily for the purposes of carrying life within us.  Whereas, a man’s connective tissue runs more along with the skin, allowing for better binding from the skin to the connective tissue, which in nature would directly affect their bodies support to muscularity, rather than fat storage.  Some would say that it’s because by nature men were intended to be hunter gatherers.  Who knows?? The bottom line is they don’t get cellulite.

In the fact that men are generally more muscular, and traditionally are hunter gatherers, I wonder if there may be some truth to the lifetime(s) of conditioning that you see in people whose bodies don’t typically carry cellulite.  What I’ve noticed over the years for myself, as opposed to the women in my family, is that because I cross train (weight training combined with running, hiking, plyometrics, and dance/gymnastics) and eat a high protein diet, I have conditioned my body for a more muscular toned look.  Whereas the women in my family are all very beautiful and soft-skinned, and they all retained their youth quite well through the aging process, they still struggle tremendously with cellulite.  Since I’m genetically pre-disposed to cellulite (yes, the cellulite is going to happen, but how bad it can get is often contingent to our genetics), I still fight it, but the fact is because I weight train, I am constantly working the muscles for conditioning, so I appear to have very little cellulite in comparison to my genetic precedents.

cellulite is a result of connective tissue direction under the skin, but can be reduced with cross training and eating high protein

a cellulite butt without weight training/ cross training

Cellulite is a result of the direction of connective tissue in a woman’s body. You cannot change the direction of your connective tissue, as it will always run opposite the skin.  Nothing will ever change that we can get cellulite.  Also, you cannot alter the genetic ancestry you possess within your family’s lines. If the women have tons of cellulite, you are inheriting that genetic code.  However, there are things you can do to condition the genetic code you have toward cellulite, and I know because I have done it myself.

If you weight train, you increase connective tissue activity so that it does not worsen, but can get better with age through constant conditioning.  In this case, it’s a lifestyle to workout daily, not an option.  That’s the reality.  In addition to weight training, you have to do other things to exercise so that you are stimulating collagen production (which also aids in skin health and the ability to visibly reduce cellulite).  If you get your body used to doing the exact same things with the muscles all the time, then the lack of versatility causes complacency within our muscles and connective tissue. Thus you must always be changing activities, mixing and matching, along with your weight training (which should be your core focus if you want to reduce cellulite).

Cardio and interval training help your body in the fat burning and high-calorie burning department, and they enhance weight training on whatever level you do any of this.  Thus, what I have learned for myself is that running, sprinting, dancing, plyometrics (jumping and explosive and agility training), hiking, step mill, stairmaster, elliptical, and hanging out walking at events with my kiddos, have all been really effective.  Effectively, all of the aforementioned activities coinciding with weight training have helped me to condition my genetic code in such a way that I don’t struggle as much with cellulite as the women in my family, and I’ve struggled even less with the war on cellulite as I have gotten older (I’m now 39).

On top of the collagen and the connective tissue activity stimulation, some other ways that women can avoid cellulite with cross training is through the ongoing stimulation of better circulation. The better the bloodflow, the better your skin and muscles.  Also, working the explosive fast-twitch fibers of the muscles creates a more conditioned appearance and can also support your efforts to reduce cellulite’s gross appearance.  In addition, with good diet, you can decrease the amount of subcutaneous water retention. When you retain water from poor diet (too many processed foods or too much sodium or dehydration) or you’re too inactive, your body will retain water and fill those open cellulite pockets between the connective tissue and the muscle.

Nita Marquez says to stay hydrated for fat-loss benefits

hydration helps metabolize fat and shed cellulite

lose butt fat cross training

a butt with weight training and interval training

The exercise cross-training is key, but also diet has a very hearty role in the reduction of cellulite.  Higher protein diets rich in leafy greens and raw foods tend to stimulate all the same things mentioned above: circulation, collagen, less water retention, better digestion (so as not to retain excessive toxins), overall glow of the skin and muscular nourishment.  It’s as important to eat healthy as it is to exercise when it comes to reducing cellulite.  As well, it’s as important to drink lots of water as it is to eat healthy and cross-train.  Too little water causes dehydration, and dehydration causes water retention, which causes more dimples in cellulite.

Weight training combined with cardio, interval training (you can find articles on interval training right here at!), plyometrics, running, sprinting, elliptical, step mill, stair masters, dancing, and whatever other effective high-fat-burning exercises are the foundation for cellulite reduction.  Couple this activity regimen with high protein and leafy greens and lots of water (a gallon a day is rule of thumb) and you will reduce cellulite!

Remember you can’t get rid of cellulite, but you can condition your body to have less of it with this lifestyle.  That’s why you rarely see cellulite on competitive physique athletes.  Those who live the lifestyle look sculpted and toned year round.

I believe that my lifestyle has altered this for me and I continue to smoothen the areas of my skin that seem to be camping areas for cellulite.  Though I will continue to be at war with cellulite because of my body’s inherent predisposition to cellulite by virtue of the natural direction of my connective tissue, I see that my active lifestyle continues to change and improve the appearance of my body, and I love living fit because of it! Additionally, I feel better, happier with my appearance, and more confident and energized.

Now one last thing I tell everyone, BE HAPPY. Joy can help reduce the amount of cortisol (the body’s toxic product of stress) we manufacture. Cortisol manages to make us hold toxins, stifle digestion, retain excess water, and overall, it leads us into an easier cellular breakdown (which causes aging AND cellulite- yuk!).  So the final key to cellulite reduction, and quite possibly more important than cellulite reduction- SMILE!  Be Well, Be You, BE PHENOMENAL! You are Worth the Work!

-Nita Lee Marquez

Nita Marquez talks about fat loss with weight training and hydration

Nita Marquez America's Hottest Fit Mom™ TV Personality/Trainer/Author/Speaker



April 19, 2012

Lentil Bean Tacos

Lentils are great because they have no sodium, high protein, no fat, and moderate carbs (low-glycemic) with high fiber content.  I like them because being a pescatarian [someone who eats only fish for protein- although I enjoy my egg whites and whey shakes, too] :) They are definitely a great protein source for vegans, and really, lentils are great for anyone who is trying to be healthier and stronger. I recommend them as part of a high protein diet, as well as part of a diet that requires more fiber.

“Simple, fast and healthy meals are my only alternative.”

The best part about them is that they require little to no work for preparation. “3-minutes or less in prep time” is my rule, because as a single mother to three children who are all busy with their own careers and school and training, I simply don’t have time for anything more than this, whether I’m cooking for them or for myself.  Simple, fast and healthy meals are my only alternative.

As far as the taste of lentils, they can vary based on the spices used, of course.  My personal preference is the Indian combined with Mexican spices.  I am posting that style of lentils in this recipe today.  They taste so good, even my children like them! And the texture is so smooth, that you can even mash them into a paste and spread them like hummus. They are absolutely delicious! See me son here to get his feedback on them! In the meantime, feel free to post comments and join my facebook page or join our group at  to interact with the rest of the Fit Moms in the group and maybe talk about lentils and other fitness recipes and the fitness lifestyle. In the mean time, enjoy the lentils and BE PHENOMENAL!

Makes 2 servings:

1 cup lentils

1.5 cups water

2 tbsp olive oil

in desired amounts:

onion powder

garlic powder

curry powder

cumin powder

red pepper (cayenne, or dried red chili peppers- whichever you prefer)

himalayan salt (mild amounts for those who are sodium-sensitive)

and finally,

4 corn tortillas (i prefer yellow due to the rich flavor and also higher nutrient content)


1. pour all ingredients, minus the corn tortillas, into a soup pan.

2. boil at medium heat (i usually boil it all for about 30 minutes).

3. turn off heat, stir, and cool until water is nearly dissolved.

4. as you wish, you may also add a little fresh squeezed lemon juice

5. spread onto your corn tortillas and munch away!

February 15, 2012

Nita’s Favorite Fit Mom QUICKIE Fitness Recipes

There are a lot of fitness recipes available online, but the problem I have with most of them is that they take too long!  Fit Moms don’t have the time to spend an hour in the kitchen preparing meals.  I certainly have never been one who could cook, who enjoyed cooking, much less was I someone who could make the time to prepare anything extravagant or luxurious in the kitchen.  I personally have always been the type of mom who, fit mom or not, I have been on the go! Like a lot of fit moms, I get out of bed super early every morning because that’s my only real personal time, when I can read, eat alone, work out, or just meditate.


A lot of fit moms do this, and it’s been proven time and again for every mom, these quiet peaceful mornings give us a chance to rev up the engine for the day’s events.  Once any mom finishes the morning mommie routine though, it’s on!  The children get up and start getting ready for school, Fit Mom makes breakfast, packs lunches, preps for the work day, and takes the children to school! After the kids get to school, people think a mom may be able to rest.  Nope.  Every mother knows that when mom time goes down, work time goes up.  It’s all about packing in as much work and daily tasks and responsibilities as possible in the 6-8 hours that the kids are gone.  That means, work, mail, filling out papers and making appointments for family affairs (medical, dental, school, recreational activities, etc), attending appointments, working at the office, keeping meetings, work events, and then being done with everything in time to go pick up the children from school.

After school, there’s homework time, dinner time, chores, (and often times, arguing with the children to get them to do chores), more responsibilities & organization, and then bedtime for the little ones. Then you get started on prepping for the next day. It doesn’t end here either.  A lot of times there are things we’ve forgone to do other things throughout the day, so when the kids are in bed, all moms know that it’s time to finish up daily tasks that didn’t get done, fill out the next day’s check list, and then finally, we can go to bed!


It can be tempting to get fast food with this type of schedule.  For even the fit mom is exhausted and doesn’t want to cook.  So what can you do? In this busy life we lead these days, Fit Moms are not the only ones on the go.  Everyone is looking for fast meal solutions that are also healthy.

There are answers to our wishes for convenient, fast and healthy eating!  If you like lean fish, you’ll love these recipes.  Two out of my three children love fish.  My third usually just eats chicken off of the foreman grill when we have fish for dinner.  I started doing these 3-minute or less prep time recipes to ensure that everyone in my home is satisfied and healthy.  And since I don’t like cooking, and like a lot of parents, I don’t have the time, I have a motto for this:  “If it takes me more than 3 minutes to prepare it, I won’t make it.”

Here are the recipes via my youtube channel.  I’ve done them in video format because, well, typing isn’t fun, and videos are easier to follow.  So here ya go! Enjoy!

Mahi Mahi 

Pan Fried Tilapia (breaded but lean!)

Tilapia Tacos (here’s the “after” video)

Baked Indian Spiced Salmon 

All of these can be made with veggies or yams and taste delightful without adding junk into the mix… Enjoy & Empower all you Phenomenal Fit Moms!

Don’t forget to visit the group on facebook, and you can join us at

And of course, always remind yourself to BE PHENOMENAL!  You are Worth the Work!

Nita Lee Marquez, Fit Mom, Author, Fitness Empowerment Motivational Speaker, TV Fitness Personality, Actress, Fitness Model, Fitness Athlete

Nita Marquez- Author, Fit Mom, Fitness Model, Speaker



January 12, 2012

The Will Power for Fitness

I just don’t have the will power is a commonly heard phrase in fitness. Whether it’s a client, a fitness newbie, or someone who just explains why they refuse to even try getting fit.

Long ago, when we finished writing our book, FIT FOR COMBAT, my fitness co-author JD and I started cataloging what makes fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitors different from everyone else. Will power was at the top of the list.  Will Power leads to self-discipline. When you want something badly enough, you will for it. In fitness, it’s no different.  When you have the will for something, you CREATE the discipline to get what you want.  If  you want to be leaner, if you want to get into better shape, if you want to compete, or if you just want to be more active and feel more fit, will power is the doorway that leads you into manifestation of that goal.

It makes sense that self-discipline and will power would play a role in being able to stick to the diet and training program required to get into competition shape.  We initially thought it would be the real difference between those who succeed in mastering their bodies and everyone else.  As we studied what self-discipline really is, we realized that we had fallen into a common trap that social scientists call fundamental attribution error.

Every person has a reservoir of will power to draw on, like a will power battery, but the amount in that reservoir is not fixed at a set level.  Research, by Professor Roy Baumeister at Florida State University, shows that our will power battery can be depleted by repeated acts of self control and decision making.  Newer research by professors at the University of Chicago shows that our reservoir of will power is affected by whether we think there is a set amount of it or that it is unlimited.

The classic experiment by Baumeister, which has been replicated in hundreds of variations, asked student test subjects to eat radishes while being tempted with a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Baumeister then asked the students to solve an impossible puzzle.  The students did not know the puzzle was impossible to solve.

The real purpose of the experiment was to see how long the students who had to overcome the temptation of the cookies would work at solving the puzzle when compared to students who sat down, ate some cookies and then worked on the puzzle and a control group who just worked on the puzzle with no cookies or radishes involved.  The results show that the students who had to overcome the cookie temptation gave up on the puzzle quickly.  Their battery of will power and resolve was depleted by fighting the temptation to eat the cookies.  The students who had to overcome the cookie temptation, used up their reservoir of will power, their reservoir of resolve, and gave up on the puzzle in less than half the time of the other two groups and made far fewer attempts to solve the puzzle.  Baumister calls this effect ego depletion. The experiment shows that when we use will power for one thing, overcoming the temptation of a cookie, it drains a little of that energy from the battery making it harder to exercise the will in totally unrelated things like trying to solve a puzzle.

Baumeister showed the energy depletion of decision making in an experiment where students, prior to working on the impossible puzzle, were either forced to make a decision about a task or were assigned a task.  The students who had to make the decision gave up on the puzzle faster and made fewer attempts to solve than the students who just carried out an assignment.

So, in fitness, we note that a general 9-5 lifestyle tends to lead to the attitude that “I just don’t have time” or “By the time I get home at night, I don’t want to eat a chicken breast and salad. I just want a quick snack, a TV and a bed.”

In our fitness data research, JD and I found that most people have a lot of power.  However, most people’s will power is just all used up with the demands of their jobs, running a household and raising two young girls.  Every act of will power, every decision, drains the battery a little bit more, but the battery is not fixed, it is rechargeable and we can have more will power if we want it, just by thinking we have it.

The point being that, Yes, You Do have the Will Power! You are just in need of a budget of your will power! It’s about management of your energy resources, and not about your lack of energy. For fitness, you do have the energy, yet, you have been lacking knowledge.  Gaining more fitness knowledge, working out to gain awareness of your body, and learning to listen to your body’s language in terms of what to feed it to stimulate energy is the only real way to go.  You can stop blaming your will power for your fitness disasters or your state of health and wellness. The key I have found as a mother, is that fit moms have just learned how to start managing the will power better.

When JD and I first thought will power was the difference between the physique competitors and everyone else, we were making a fundamental attribution error, an error that is endemic among humans.  Fundamental attribution error is when we use a psychological or personality based explanation for a behavior instead of the situational explanation.  We were too focused on the personality trait of will power and thought that the competitors must have larger reservoirs of mental energy—a bigger battery.  When we went back and studied Baumeister in depth, we found a better, situational, explanation for the seemingly large reservoirs of will power of the competitors.

Fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitors are cooler toters, especially when preparing for a contest.  Their meals are planned and timed and they carry them around with them.  They know what they are going to eat and when they are going to eat it.  It is all scheduled and becomes a routine.  When something becomes a routine it no longer involves a decision.  When it is no longer a decision, it does not require any mental energy.

The physique competitors did not have a larger battery of will power than everyone else, they just used less will power by making many decisions about eating a routine.  It was easier for them to stick to the diet because the decisions that take mental energy were removed.  The situation, the eating plan to get into contest shape, makes them just appear to have more will power.

When we started looking at the lives of successful physique competitors they nearly all had a structured daily or weekly routine.  The diet and training demands precision, the only way to be that precise is with a pre-determined structure.  Once the structure and routine is set, there were fewer decisions to be made leaving more in battery to handle temptations as the cropped up.

Most fit moms have figured out the secret. Women tend to be better planners, but that’s not limited to women only, just happens to be a general statistic.  What I see in fitness and in the general population of fitness enthusiasts is that fitness minded individuals plan what they’ll eat and make it a routine.  With those decisions removed, people are then expending less will power and found that they had more energy.  Most of these fitness people and fit moms have ready-made forms of protein around their house, in their car and at their office.  JD and I found that common possessions among the successful fitness enthusiasts included powdered whey protein,  shaker bottles, water gallons, tuna packs, and pre-cooked skinless/boneless chicken, among the most common possessions.  Even if routine is disrupted, there is always an automatic back-up that did not require a decision, like an apple and a can of tuna or a ready to drink protein shake.  And of course, every one of them owns some kind of fat-loss grill for their chicken and fish 

Removing will-power draining decisions is one way women figure competitors maintain their diet, another is the actual nutritional content of the diet.

A lot of people never even try to get into their best shape because they think they don’t have the will power to do it.  They make the fundamental attribution error and think the competitors have more will power than they do.  As the research shows, if you don’t think you have very much will power, then you will not have much will power.

The only true act of will power was taking the time up front to set the schedule and routine.  After repeating the routine it becomes automatic.  Women figure competitors don’t have a larger reservoir of will power than everyone else, they just expend less of it by having a structured routine and fuel their brain with ketones from fat.

For More Fit Tips and Great Articles on how to stay in shape, go to the Fit Tips Blog at


January 4, 2012

Burn Fat Naturally Fit Moms!

Hollywood’s Anti-Aging Secret: The Natural Way to Fat Loss, Youth, and Fitness Longevity for Everyone

Two years ago Dr. Patricia Wexler let one of Hollywood’s fat loss and anti-aging secrets out of the bag–Growth Hormone.  “Actresses use it to slim abdominal fat and increase muscle tone and libido,” Wexler said.

Actresses with insider connections to discreet doctors may inject their way to a youthful, fit and sexy body, but you can boost your own growth hormone naturally without any side effects by exercising smarter, Fit Moms and friends!

Human Growth Hormone is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland to regenerate cells, strengthen bones and make the immune system stronger.  Its biggest effect, the ones the movie stars are after, is fat burning, which leads to a lean, fit, sculpted and beautiful physique, of course.  Growth Hormone turns your body into a fat burning machine.  Most women produce less than 10 nano grams of GH per milliliter of blood.  A nano gram is one-billionth of gram, which means a little GH goes a long way.

The natural way for all you Fit Moms and Friends to boost your natural GH levels, and get the same effects as the starlets, is to ditch the pink dumbells and treadmill for sprints and real weights. Yes, weight training can lead to fat loss, Fit Moms, without leading you to a “bulky” physique (which is a common misconception that Fit Moms and most of our female friends have yodeled for years!).  Weight training is the key to fat loss, anti-aging, and even well-maintained weight loss! Fit Moms and Friends, read  more to learn the key to unlocking that potential in your body through weight training and sprints!

The results of an experiment on the effects of sprinting on women published in Oxford University’s journal Acta Physiologica found “Women elicited a greater response of serum GH  to sprint exercise” than men.   They always say men are the stronger gender physically, but it seems that in this trend, nature is possibly trying to bring ladies into a balance in this sense.  Even the body’s nature is to bring balance between the sexes! The swedish scientists who conducted the experiment concluded, “this may contribute to explaining the earlier observed muscle hypertrophy in women in response to sprint training.”  If you want toned, shapely legs, Fit Moms and Friends, well, even the doctors and scientists are suggesting that you run sprints.  If you don’t run, then look at our other fat burning articles on interval training, which will yield similar results.

Yes, this is Empowerment for Everyone- Mother nature has in some ways leveled the playing field.  We Fit Moms can get stronger with this work as we continue to do it, without gaining the muscle that a man will.  Women cannot get big, bulky muscles from natural GH, but they get larger percentage increase from GH boosting exercises than men and a few extra nanograms will deliver a flat stomache and tight butt fast.

The quickest way to boost GH is to run sprints (as I stated earlier, check the fat burning category of articles at for further articles on interval training, which will deliver similar results).  The research shows that they key to effective sprints are the intensity, the speed you run, not how many you do or how far you sprint. When I use the word “effective” I am relating the “effective” results of sprinting or interval training to how well this exercise style will burn fat, helping the body look and feel sculpted and lean and beautiful, which is what every woman is striving for when we do any workout.  Am I right, Fit Moms?  I mean, seriously, which one of us wouldn’t kill (or sprint) to have Selma Hayek’s killer calves, and that Fit Mama’s fit and sexy thighs?

Do you think that it’s inconvenient to do sprints?  Well, it takes less time than cardio to burn the calories you can burn in just a few minutes of sprinting, so time is not an issue, Fit Moms.  And all you skeptic friends and fit moms are sure to realize that location is easier with sprints than going to the corner store. You already take your kids to half the places you can sprint, fit moms, and all the pet owners take their “kids” (pets) to the other places.  None of this is rocket science.  Not one of these places is an inconvenience Fit Moms and Friends, because you already go there!

Fat burning Sprints can be done anywhere: An empty parking lot, a low-traffic residential street, the play ground on the weekends at our kid’s  school, the park while the kids play, or the sports field or running track at your teenager’s high school at night or on weekends.  If you haven’t sprinted recently, don’t jump in head first running as hard as you can the first day, start by doing strides at a pace faster than a jog for four repetitions of 50 to 100 yards.  Gradually increase the speed you sprint until you can do four of them all at all out racing speed.  When you can do four at full speed, add an extra sprint every week.  To make sure your intensity stays high, use a stop watch to time your sprint workout and push yourself to get them done in less time.

By running sprints three times a week and adding some negatives to your weight training, you can boost your natural Growth Hormone levels, burn more body-fat than you do with cardio, and save more time while you preserve your joints and  bones, since sprinting is better for your bones and joints than jogging.
Here is a clip of my business partner and co-author JD Johannes running sprints:

As good as sprints are, the scientific research shows the super GH booster is lifting heavy weights.

An experiment conducted at the University of Virginia found, “For each incremental increase in exercise intensity, the fractional stimulation of GH secretion is greater in women than in men.”
That means the heavier weights you lift, the more GH your body produces.  The biggest boost in natural GH came when women used weights that were heavier than they could actually lift.  When you use a weight that is heavier than you can lift up with good form, but that you can control on the way down, your GH levels skyrocket.  These types of lifts are called negatives and
an experiement published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that heavy negatives boost natural GH more than anything else. Pull ups, curls, squats, lunges and other types of weight training are really effective for this type of effect, and all these exercises will help you get a sculpted, toned, beautiful physique.

Americas+sexiest+hottest+fit+mom, fit mom, weight+lifting, hot+fit+moms

Weight lifting makes us fit moms feel more Powerful!

america's+sexiest+fit+moms work out, america's+hottest+fit+moms

beginners start here, but you can work your way up to military style, which is the goal

fit moms do squats to get nice butts

fit moms can get sculpted, fight cellulite and look more beautiful with squats!

And Dr. Patricia Wexler does not approve:

“Human Growth Hormone is unsafe. I know dermatologists and actresses who use it to slim abdominal fat and increase muscle tone and libido. But it can accelerate also a hidden cancer to grow. It can cause funny bone spurs to grow and enlargement of the heart … just to name a few of the many reasons why I consider it unsafe.”

Women get more out of sprints than men.  More GH, etc.  “Women elicited a greater response of serum GH and insulin to sprint exercise. This may contribute to explaining the earlier observed muscle hypertrophy in women in response to sprint training.”

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
“The findings suggest that the acute metabolic and GH responses in the 90/70% condition were more favourable compared with the 70/70% condition, and a significant correlation between the optimal ECC load and 1RM per BM-ratio was observed.”
Heavy eccentric load produces best hormonal response…heavy negatives

University of Virginia, Journal of Applied Physiology
“For each incremental increase in exercise intensity, the fractional stimulation of GH secretion is greater in women than in men.”

December 28, 2011

A Fit Mom to Follow- meet Melissa Hale-Naulin

After the birth of my daughter, with the proper nutrition and a consistent weight training/cardio routine, I sucessfully lost 75 pounds (40 from pregnancy, plus an additional 35 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight) and 20% body fat.  I am not only a fit mom, but I am also aspiring to become a licensed nutritionist, and I’m even helping transform my family’s fitness habits.  We are a fit family!

Fit moms, America's Hottest Fit Mom on Facebook Groups, Fitness for Mothers, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Get in shape with Fitness

Fit Mom Melissa Hale-Naulin

I am in the best shape of my life at 37 years old. I’ve proven to myself that it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you have had children, or if you don’t have model perfect genes. With hard work and clean eating you can absolutely attain the physique you have always dreamed of and bring your health and quality of life to a whole new level!

This journey hasn’t been easy for me with a baby and husband to take care of, a household to keep in order, and running my own skin care business. It has been difficult at times to keep a consistent workout schedule, as well as spending countless hours in the kitchen, planning and cooking meals for my family.

Our health is very important to me and, above all, I want to set a good example for my daughter. My fitness transformation has been a wonderful experience even with all the challenges, and I offer many thanks to the support from my husband for that. My husband is also an amazing father! He has always been there when mommy needed to squeeze in a workout, or stay late for clients at work. On top of all of this, he has gotten into the fitness lifestyle with me.  He himself has also benefited from a cleaned up diet full of veggies, lean protein and complex carbs, losing 25 pounds in 5 months!

My incredible fitness trainer, Jamo Nezzar of Jamcore Training, has been the core of my fit physique success. He is a constant source of workout inspiration, exercise and nutrition guidance, fitness knowledge and overall fitness motivation. He has helped me in so many ways to become more powerful, not just in fitness, but also in other areas of my life.  Through getting more fit, I gained more power in my life in all aspects.  I have discovered a strength in myself that I never knew existed, and I attribute that to the habits and determination that I retained throughout my fitness journey.   Because of the advancement I found in my fitness lifestyle, I feel strong and confident,  and I look forward to each and every workout with my trainer as well as my solo workouts.

I want to continue the fitness lifestyle forever! Thank you Jamo, for changing my life in such a positive way. You are more than a fitness coach. I am thankful for your impact on my lifestyle choices for being more fit, setting goals, and learning to develop the habits and determination to reach them.

On December 3, 2011, I reached my ultimate fitness goal, competing in my first NPC Bikini competition! It was an unbelievable experience, sharing the stage with some incredibly fit women.

My goals for 2012 are to continue to condition my physique and possible do another show in May. I would also love to earn a degree in nutrition and to help others change their body and their health through better food choices. Cooking and collecting recipes has become a hobby of mine! I love transforming unhealthy, fat-laden recipes into clean, delicious meals that fuel your energy and keep your metabolism running at it’s peak. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless! Here I will share quick & easy recipes to support a fit lifestyle, as well as training (based on my own experience) and motivational tips. Thanks :)

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Fit Moms, Runners, Cardio Does Not Work!

Bodybuilders don’t run, and nor do obese people.  But I’m not a bodybuilder, or an obese person. I’m a fitness chick, a fit mom, and a fitness personality. My goals are obviously different from a bodybuilder’s goals, and definitely, I have a different lifestyle choice than a person whose main goals involve constant fulfillment of my taste-bud compulsions.

At this stage in my life, my goal is always to become truly fit and achieve prime longevity.  As one point in my career as a fitness competitor, I was running a lot and lifting weights with an extremely high carb, high protein diet, and only then I was starting to resemble a bodybuilder.  People who didn’t know better thought I was one.

But you know what kind of fit physique athletes have a lot of muscle, and are really lean, with Olympic level stamina and power?  Women’s Fitness competitors.

They run.  They run a lot.  They do weekly sprints, middle-distance, plyometrics anything that will get their heart to the bursting point.

And if these women can carry body-toned muscle around, while running and with the power and stamina to do our fitness routines—well they are worth at least probing into the minds of.  Where I learned about my own fitness interval training from was from my ex-husband, who was basically my trainer before I met my trainer of 13 years, Tim Sparkes, at Die Hard  Gym in Arizona.  My ex-husband was a former track and football star in high school and college.

What I learned from  my ex-husband is that I was doing my running all wrong.  First of all,  I jogged, and I did so very lazily.  I loathed the cardio work, so I dragged myself through it.  It didn’t matter that I was a fit mom, a fit chick, or a fitness athlete in training.  I was thinking about my cardio conditioning the wrong way, as most of us do for the first few years of our fitness quests.

Just about every fitness center has some serious runners as members.  These “fitness” people log 20 to 40 miles a week and are in great cardio vascular condition—but most of them look remarkably average.  They do not have much muscle and many of them are skinny fat. Sure they have strong hearts, but some of them store more body fat and subcutaneous water than the person who is walking into a gym for the first time.  These runners are not in poor health, but their shape is generally not of the optimal fitness aesthetic grade considering the fitness workload they are undergoing. I believe in running, I do.  I also like working out smarter, and distance running for fitness is definitely the harder path, if you’re trying to look better and even feel better.

The best explanation for this phenomena may be controversial, but the facts are right in front of us. Cardiovascular exercise DOES NOT WORK to lose body fat long term, period!!

Why is this? Let’s take a hypothetical individual: Female, 30 years old, 145 pounds, sedentary. She decides she wants to be fit and “get toned” (keep in mind, everyone has a different idea of this word, so it’s subjective). So she takes up running on the treadmill for an hour a day 5 days/week. Nothing else in her life changes, her diet and lifestyle remain the same. In the first week she loses 5 pounds. If she maintained her consistency 5 days a week, would she lose 250 pounds this year? Of course not, and why is this?

Firstly cardiovascular activity is very efficient at chewing up muscle tissue, the steps are as follows:

1. Conversion from fast twitch muscle fiber to slow twitch muscle fiber, by

acquiring mitochondria and relinquishing contractile protein. Smaller fiber, less


2. Excessive Cortisol released in response to the damage to the fiber as a result of the exercise. Cortisol acts as a natural analgesic, but severely hampers protein synthesis and muscle repair. It also damages the immune system, and ultimately will contribute to all of our deaths – so I’m not sure why anyone would do anything that would accelerate this process.

 3. It has been shown that high volume cardiovascular exercise can completely deplete satellite cells in muscle fiber, which means no new fiber can grow or existing fiber be repaired, and as we age, we have a natural propensity to lose muscle as well as bone density.  Muscle helps our metabolism and enhances bone density.

 4. Growth Hormone levels decline with high volume cardiovascular exercise, which also hampers the repair process. Low growth hormone also accelerates aging.

5. To sum it up, you can’t train all day, and you can’t stop eating, but you can always build a bit more muscle, so quit the cardio and concentrate on the weight lifting.

Secondly, after all these details about how cardio fitness training eats up muscle, you must know that the first week of ANY fitness program, and likely the first month even, you will lose weight with rapid results.  That’s water weight dropping off because you are actually getting off of your butt.  That’s not the “weight” you are losing, it’s the water. You are not really getting more fit, but your body is filtering out a bit so that it can set a better foundation for you to start getting fit.

Your weight-loss will look more like 8-12 pounds monthly if you’re doing it right and if you expect it to stay off.  If you’re an athlete or you’re training for an athletic event, your body requires more training than average, and more extreme dieting than average, but that’s not average for a person who is just trying to lose weight and just starting to get fit.

That was a very strong argument for not doing cardio.  But I need to be able to keep up with kids, work, training clients, caring for my household, and still having stamina in the gym. Cardio conditioning is a must for me.  Plus, I need strength and power.

The solution was to train like a professional female fitness athlete—specifically, one that always wins the fitness routine portion of the contest.  And what does the fitness athlete woman do?  Sprints.

For women who run, but they want a great physique:

With high-intensity interval training you “sprint” on any cardio exercise for short bursts that go for less than two minutes, and then you slow to moderate, and sometimes even low-intensity pace for a short burst.  You want to go high intensity to kick your heart rate way up, and then you drop the intensity to less your body rest, while not giving your heart rate enough time to drop out beneath a fat-burning zone.  If you do this for short bursts of time, you don’t give your heart rate a chance to drop severely, and therein, you are able to keep your body burning fat, burning calories, and staying hard at work, even though you won’t feel like you’re working hard while your body recovers during your lower-paced durations.

Like cardio, this too can strengthen your heart, and keep you from feeling sluggish.  On the other hand, in comparison to cardio, interval training burns fat for longer periods of time.  You will burn fat for up to 13 hours post-workout with intervals, whereas with cardio at a constant moderate rate will only burn fat efficiently for up to 2 hours post workout.  So, why would you spend more time and burn less fat, much less want to gamble the possibility of kicking out cortisol?  This is why many fitness professionals who know what they are doing will not recommend long dull high, low or medium-intensity periods of cardio.

The best way to gain cardio conditioning and maintain muscle is to do what all fat-burning physique athletes does—sprints.

As sprinting becomes the core of your cardio conditioning program and distance running becomes the ‘functional’ training, so you do it for form, awareness, and monitoring.  It’s a means for measurement when needed, but it’s not necessary for the actual progress.

When I started doing sprints in the morning for my cardio, my strength gains in the gym accelerated a little bit and I started to get leaner without really trying, and my husband noticed an extreme difference in how my body was responsive to my diet and weight training.  My lines and cuts in my muscles showed up and they never had before I started sprinting.  My workouts were more exhilarating and I could produce more within them because my fitness level and stamina was increased through sprinting.

Now I was able to get more in my fitness routines, I could run with my daughter in her stroller for better bursts so I wasn’t gasping for air.  I was stronger than I would ever need to be on the fitness stage or in the gym. I had burst speed and explosiveness and I had the stamina and endurance to keep up with any of the guys at the gym.

So, I am not advising the novice to average fitness person to sprint, but I am encouraging those of you who run– just try this for 6 weeks and see how rapidly and extremely your fitness levels, your energy, your stamina, and your physique changes.  See how lean you get and watch a sculpted physique appear that you never knew you had.

As for the fitness enthusiast who is new to the world of fitness and fit physique training, try intervals, we have more blogs on the Fat Burning Workouts categories to your left here in the blog at Check it out. Be well, Be You, BE PHENOMENAL! You are worth the work!


-Nita Lee Marquez

America’s Hottest Fit Mom ™

Fitness Empowerment Author

Miss National Fitness

Proud Mother of Three

December 27, 2011

Get Rid of Christmas Bloat

The fitness of a woman who is trying to stay fit but live a normal life doesn’t change in one day of eating poorly.  If you’re wondering why you gorged yourself on Christmas day, and how you can get that lean fit physique back, fit moms & fit chicks, and fit guys: There is a perfect combination that is simple and very doable to help you get that  beautiful progressively fit contour back in your body lines.  There are a lot of solutions out there, but this is by far the most optimal, practical, tried and true method of fitness execution that you can possibly reach your fitness results through.  When you think about the way you feel normally, and then you think about a day after drinking a whole lot of alcohol, you think of a hangover.  Yes, we can all relate to that word: hangover- the consequence of “too much.” With food, it’s no different.  We are very naturally wired to be moderate, and thus, even with food or fitness, our body sounds off alarms when moderation is botched.  Thus, the food hangover.

Fitness Buffs are familiar with this, as we’ve all experienced food hangovers in our quest for perfect dietary balances.  We have eaten perfectly for weeks on end, training for our stage presentations in fitness competitions.  Then, the second we come off stage, GORGE! We proceeded to eat like garbage disposals for the next 24 hours.  It’s part of what people do to learn balance.  “The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”  Thus, as a fitness personality myself, having gone through this in my first few fitness competitions (yes, it subsided with repeated episodes that taught me it feels like utter crap, so I quit doing it), I have learned what my colleagues in the fitness competition industry do.  We have all, our entire fitness population of athletes, gone the gorge route, and felt like crap the day after.  It’s a load up of sodium and sugars and fats and foreign things that our bodies are not used to on a daily basis that makes our fitness levels, mental acuity and energy feel completely extinguished.  Fitness people know that it’s just a food hangover, and we know how to cure it, based on our own experience.

Hydration is key here.  I normally drink about a gallon of water a day, so I stay hydrated.  Yet, the day after an episode of gorging, I have learned that water will balance my body back to it’s normal fitness state within a day, when combined with even mild activity. When you drink a lot of water, you flush out the toxic buildup of those excessive properties you added in when eating too much.

So, whether you are fit, or whether you are somewhat out of shape, if you’re experiencing a food hangover, water and walking will fit your body back into it’s normal mold.  Take a walk in the morning with some water in your system.  Flush by drinking approximately 4 liters of water if you are not one to hydrate extremely on a daily basis.  If you’re into fitness, chances are you drink a lot of water, so you will want to double your normal intake in that case.  For me, I normally drink a gallon (because it’s normal for my fitness lifestyle, and athletes typically acquire that 1-gallon habit), so if I eat too much, I’ll take in 1.75 or 2 gallons of water for a day after eating in a way that was not only excessive, but also not fitness oriented in it’s ingredients.  Everyone has cheat days, and they should.  Those girls who walk around eating perfect all the time, well, they’re never happy.  Being “perfect” isn’t the key, it’s “perfect balance” that impacts our fitness lifestyle in the most effective and empowering ways.

You are worth the work. Be Phenomenal.

-Nita Lee Marquez, Fitness Empowerment Author, IFBB Pro, Miss National Fitness, and Proud Mother of Three